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Learn New Changes for OSRS Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing is seeing some cool new changes. It includes reward system and the rewards! Here you could learn the details of these new rewards.OSRS Last Man Standing rewards pollThe OSRS offical blog will list out the Reward system and the polled rewards for LMS. The Old School Team plan to r...
Publish Time:08/15/2019
Learn Details of RS Sigil Slot Remove & Sigil Changes
It has been officially confirmed that Jagex is removing RS sigil slot from the game. RS team will make some changes and improvements to the sigil with the update.Here you can learn the details.Details of RS sigil slot removeAccording to the official August Month Ahead Q&A live stream, RuneScape...
Publish Time:08/08/2019
Bank Placeholders & Weapon Diversity 2 beta now live!
RS highly anticipated Bank Placeholders and new Weapon Diversity beta is now live! Some improvements have been made to bank, and changes have been made to more weapons to make them more diverse.Here you can could learn the detailed information.How to join in Bank Placeholders & Weapon Diversit...
Publish Time:08/01/2019
Learn Changes to RS Anachronia&Big Game Hunter
Several new contents have been added to RS since the Land Out of Time was released in game. With the update this week, some useful changes have been made to Anachronia and the Big Game Hunter.Here you could learn the detailed information.Changes to RS3 AnachroniaAccording to the latest official ...
Publish Time:07/25/2019
Last Man Standing Beta Changes!
Last week the Old School Team launched a beta to demonstrate and tweak the changes to Last Man Standing described in the State of PvP blog from May. Since then, the beta has proven popular among regular PvPers as well as players just starting to learn how to PK. The develop team made some hotfixes ...
Publish Time:07/19/2019
Golden Gnome Nominations now open!
The nominations for this years Golden Gnomes are now open! Here you could learn the detailed information on the schedule and award categories for Golden Gnome Awards 2019.Schedule of Golden Gnome Awards 2019This year The Golden Gnomes take place on the opening night of RuneFest 2019, at 18:00 on Fri...
Publish Time:07/11/2019
The Information of OSRS MTX, Partnership Cosmetics&More
Lately an official Old School blog offers caused a heated discussion among players. If you are nevertheless unclear about what has occurred, read the detailed information below on OSRS MTX, partnership cosmetics and others.Cosmetic items planned for OSRS partnershipIn the Old School official blog th...
Publish Time:07/04/2019
RS Comp Cape Changes
This week RS offical news post reveals some significant changes to the comp cape redesign. Here you could learn the detailed changes to Comp Cape passive benefits, added stats and others.Comp Cape & Trim Comp Cape requirementsThe Completionist Cape requirement will be something which require...
Publish Time:06/27/2019
RS Mahjarrat Aura - Update!
The latest Runescape offical news post have confirmed that RS Mahjarrat Aura will be obtainable by all players even Ironmen.If you need to obtain the Mahjarrat Aura, see the detailed information below to understand how to get this tier 5 aura when it is available.Get RS Mahjarrat Aura for all pla...
Publish Time:06/20/2019
Learn OSRS Forthos Dungeon Informations
Forthos Dungeon OSRS, located at Forthos Ruin,Ready to be polled in game.Now,Lets see all details now.There will be two entrances to the Forthos Dungeon. The catacombs entrance currently leads to the giant sand crabs, and it will be rerouted to the western entrance of the new dungeon. There are some...
Publish Time:06/11/2019
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