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Golden Gnome Nominations now open!

The nominations for this year's Golden Gnomes are now open! Here you could learn the detailed information on the schedule and award categories for Golden Gnome Awards 2019.

Schedule of Golden Gnome Awards 2019

This year The Golden Gnomes take place on the opening night of RuneFest 2019, at 18:00 on Friday October 4th.You can vote for your favourite until July 16th.This year it's your votes that will drive the entire Golden Gnome Awards voting process, all the way from start to finish! Once  the  RS Team have received the nominations, the GGA panel will announce the finalists. You'll then have the chance to vote for the winner of each category. The final winners will be revealed live at the Golden Gnome Awards at RuneFest.

Nominations Close on July 16th
Nominees shortlisted by GGA Panel
Nominee shortlist announced to community
Players vote from shortlisted nominees on July 26th
Nominee voting closes on August 1st
Winner votes reviewed by GGA Panel (i.e vote manipulation checks)
Winners announced at Golden Gnome Awards at RuneFest on October 4th

Categories for Golden Gnome Awards 2019

1.Video Awards
Best New RuneScape Video Maker
Best New OSRS Video Maker
Best RuneScape Video Maker
Best OSRS Video Maker
RuneScape Video of the Year
OSRS Video of the Year

2.Streaming Awards
Best New RuneScape Streamer
Best New OSRS Streamer
Best RuneScape Streamer
Best OSRS Streamer

3.Art Awards
Best New RuneScape Artist
Best New OSRS Artist
Best Artistic Creation
Best Artist

Winners will be awarded an RuneScape Golden Gnome pet, a Golden gnome hat and some extra prizes, such as the memberhip.

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Publish Time:Thursday, July 11, 2019

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