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Learn OSRS Forthos Dungeon Informations

Forthos Dungeon OSRS, located at Forthos Ruin,Ready to be polled in game.Now,Let's see all details now.

There will be two entrances to the Forthos Dungeon. The catacombs entrance currently leads to the giant sand crabs, and it will be rerouted to the western entrance of the new dungeon.
There are some new rooms in the OSRS Forthos Dungeon:

1. The Grubby Chest

With 57 Thieving you can unlock the gate at the end of a long corridor, then unlock the Grubby Chest behind the door using Grubby key (dropped by creatures throughout the dungeon), obtaining contains an supplies and treasure with a average value of 40,000-50,000 gp.

2.Spider’s Den

It is a large multi-combat red spider nest containing 21 temple spiders. These temple spiders are a more powerful species of red spider with level 75 Combat, which can be assigned here as a Slayer task by Konar OSRS.

3.Scorched Grotto

As a large room with six red dragons and five baby red dragons, the room linked the northern part of the dungeon (needs 75 Agility to navigate), library (via the west entrance), and the sacrificial chamber (vi a corridor at the north-west). It will be added to Konar's list of potential assignments.

4.Altar of the Sun

This room contains a NPC called Olbertus who has found an artifact and an altar for recharging prayer points.

5.Sacrificial Chamber

The room containing Eodan the Tanner’s small tanning stall is for druids’ sacrifice to gods. In the center, there is also a bone burner used to sacrifice bones for three times the base experience of burying them, obtaining temple key to unlock the doors in the dungeon permanently.

6.The Library

There is a library north of the Grubby chest, which contains 4 undead druids OSRS and various bookshelves for tattered tomes.

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