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The Information of OSRS MTX, Partnership Cosmetics&More

Lately an official Old School blog offers caused a heated discussion among players. If you are nevertheless unclear about what has occurred, read the detailed information below on OSRS MTX, partnership cosmetics and others.

Cosmetic items planned for OSRS partnership

In the Old School official blog this week, Jagex has listed a number of poll questions for some cosmetic changes. Some cosmetic items are planned to release with an OSRS partnership first before being available to all players at a later date,  including  additional skin colours, new emotes, Player Owned House styles and alternative home teleport animations.In this OSRS poll ,players will be able to vote on a number of cosmetic changes.

Promises made by Jagex

Besides no OSRS MTX in game, there are some other promises made by Jagex in the official blog:
1.Any additions offered through partnerships will not be exclusive, and will be available for all members at a later date.
2.Any offered additions  will be made according to the art style of Old School and will truly fit the game's theme.
3.Any offered additions  will not impact your playing experience.
4.You will be polled on what additions are offered.
5.Any offered additions  will be purely cosmetic.

No OSRS MTX confirmed by Jagex

According to the blog, the Old School Team doesn’t want any of players  worrying that free cosmetics are in any way a step toward introducing MTX (microtransactions) into Old School.To be completely clear about this - everyone at Jagex, including the CEO himself, is in agreement that they will not add any MTX to Old School RuneScape.They understand that adding OSRS MTX would completely contradict the spirit of what has made the game a success.

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Publish Time:Thursday, July 04, 2019

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